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Puppy Enquiry Form

ALL Bocsavil pet puppies are sold on a desexing agreement so, if you don't wish to have the puppy desexed at the age we recommend or wish to use it for breeding purposes then I'm sorry, you are better off going else where as this is something we will not change. 

If spaying/neutering is something you WILL do & you are interested in going on our waiting list for a puppy, please print, & fill out our Puppy Enquiry form and email it back to us.

 When we rec your filled out questionnaire we will go through it & if we think you are a suitable candidate for one of our puppies we will place you on our waiting list. We will also keep you updated as things happen. Just a few words of caution, a puppy / dog is a LIFE TIME COMMITMENT, if you don't think you can do it pls DONT enquiry about one of our puppies. We do not just take anyone, we have to truly feel you would be the perfect forever, loving & caring home before you get a Bocsavil puppy. If you think you can offer the type of home we are looking for then please do go & fill out our Puppy Enquiry. We thank you for taking the time to enquiry about our puppies.


All the information you have provided is to help us make sure our puppies go to the right home for them. It is 
essential that all our puppies go to their forever homes the first time and not to the wrong home so by 
providing this information about you and your family it will allow us to know whether or not our puppy will 
be suitable for you and your family. 

It may seem like a lot of questions we are asking but again we wish to make sure our puppies go to the right 
home and will be happy, safe, loved and well cared for, for the rest of their lives.
If you would like to ask us any questions that are not on our questionaire please do not hesitate to ask us and 
if we can we will answer them.

Please email back this questionnaire as soon as possible if you wish to go on the waiting list and if possible 
we will try to supply you with your choice of puppy. There is NO guarantee your choice will be available in 
this litter that we have advertised, we will of course let you know as soon as possible after the puppys are born 
whether or not we have a puppy available for you. If not we are more than happy to keep you on our waiting 
list if you would still like to stay on it.

Please provide the following information as truthful and accurate as possible. You MUST supply us with a 
contact number in case we need to call you.


Email & contact phone number:

What is your age group: <18, 18 – 25, 26-35, 36+ (please underline your appropriate age group)

Where do you live? Suburb/state:

Do you own your own home:

Why have you decided on a boxer?


What do you know about the breed?


What health problems do you know of


That a boxer can suffer with?


Do you have any children? If so 
what ages are your children?


How did you find out about us?
What colour puppy would you prefer?


If this colour is not available would you
consider another colour? 


What sex would you like? If this sex is not 
available would you consider the other sex?

If you are interested in a White Puppy
What do you know about the white boxers.

When would you like a puppy?

Have you owned a boxer before?
Please provide information?

Will your boxer be left alone? If so
please provide information, If the puppy
is left alone throughout the whole day will you
or someone else be able to come home
& check/feed the puppy throughout the 

Do you have a safe place to keep your
Puppy when you are not home?

Who will attend to the feeding,
socialisation & training of your puppy?

Will your boxer be an inside or 
outside dog?

If it will be an outside dog at what age
Will it go outside or will it be able to 
Stay inside as a young puppy & then go

What sort of housing will be 
Available for the puppy when it is outside.

Do you have any other pets?
Please state what type you have.

Do you live on acres or residential &
what sort of fencing do you have?

Would you be willing to sign a Desexing

Have you any experience owning &/or training a boxer?



Would you be willing to take your 
puppy to puppy preschool for socialisation
& basic obedience training?

Is everyone in you family happy about
a boxer joining the family?

Are you interested in finding out about
competition sports for you and your
Do you wish to be placed on our 
waiting list??

The information you have provided in this questionnaire will remain confidential. It is only for us to make sure 
you are a suitable candidate for one of our puppies.
If you wish to be placed on our waiting list we will happily put you on the list for your preference of colour and 
sex, however we do sometimes have other people waiting on the list so you may not get first preference but we 
will let you know if your choice is available and if not we will always try and put you in contact with other 
responsible breeder if we know of any who have puppies available.


kindest regards 











For any further information please contact Jessie 

[email protected]

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